Zillow Rentals

Client : Zillow Studio : Imaginary Forces  Role: Designer

There’s no better feeling than settling into a new space to call home. We moved through walls and across cityscapes in our brand campaign for Zillow Rentals. Finding a new home goes far beyond the walls themselves. Renters are searching all over the map for their dream space, so Zillow brought us in to construct what that thought process looks like. We made sure the spaces felt lived in⸺ and welcomed our furry friend Fred. Challenged by executing the spot in one shot, we transition through apartment walls into communal spaces with varying cities as the backdrop for each. With a zillion ways to find a new place to call home, we found the sweet spot between something graphic yet inviting.


Pattern and Texture



creative director: anthony gibbs
art director: rob slychuk
design: kathy liang
design/animation: shivani Varandani, elizabeth steinberg, max strizich, anna chen, ned piyadarakorn, brandon savoy editor: danielle white
assistant editor: rachel brewster
compositor: daniel kamhaji
storyboards: brad vancata
design/animation intern: malika azamova
producer: keith bryant
senior production coordinator: jake fritz

© Shivani Varandani 2023

Made with Love at Chicago,IL