The Chase

The Chase is a project which portrays the importance of letting go. It depicts how feelings could be so toxic sometimes that holding onto them can entirely consume us, which often leads to mental disorders like Anxiety and Depression. We cannot possibly move forward when we are constantly holding on to that bar from our past; and letting go is the only healthy way to move on. ​ This visual narrative presents a character who is trying to chase a cloth, which is a symbolism of his toxic thoughts and feelings. He eventually catches the cloth, but then tragically gets entangled into it, which metaphorically portrays how he get trapped inside of his own feelings. To get rid of cloth, he tears it apart, depicting that we must let go off the toxic and suffocating feelings that otherwise would consume us


Study of Cloth

To understand the how to simulate cloth in a specific, it was important understand the how it behaved in real life. Hence, these photographs were captured in order to understand and study the nature of the cloth.

Look Development

The cloth is created using N-cloth in Autodesk Maya. The process involved adjusting the physical properties of cloth such as thickness, flexibility and friction to make it behave in a certain way. Moreover, it involved pinning the cloth at certain places and adding additional forces like wind and turbulence to manipulate it.

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Made with Love at Chicago,IL