This project is a short advertisement for a customisable picture book called Memento. Be it your vacation to Greece or be it your dog's birthday, Memento will help you collect all those precious moments at one place.


I decided to go with snappy and quick motion for this piece to match the fast paced nature of the advertisement. I played around with the curve editor techniques to achieve this effect.


Look development was one of the most interesting and important aspect of the project. Giving a realistic yet stylized look to the different objects was very fascinating. I had a lot of dun exploring different textures and shaders like embossed and engraved book covers, Cake frosting, jute and glossy paper. Lighting played a major role in creating the realistic look.

User Interface

To portray the customizable aspect of this photobook, I decided add UI element to my animation. I kept it minimal and white so that it complimented the vibrant colors used in the advert.


To balance the composition, I added the spherical shapes in the background. This allowed to fill up the excessive negative space and also added a fun element to the design.

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